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Study Abroad: Travel Essentials

Study Abroad: Travel Essentials

As the spring semester is quickly approaching I noticed so many people are leaving or have already left to study abroad. After traveling around the past semester I thought I’d share a few of the essential items I brought with me to London.

Calpak Luggage: I’ve never had a good set of luggage and I knew this was the first thing I needed to purchase before my travels. After much research I settled on the three set of Calpak luggage pictured above. The luggage is very sturdy, it can be locked, and not to mention it looks so pretty! The smallest size is the perfect carry-on size for a weekend trip.

Belkin Battery Pack: Long hours sitting in airports or adventuring around new cities calls for extra battery life for your phone. This is my favorite portable charger I have because it holds a long charge and it is reasonably priced.

Longchamp Le Pliage Tote: I love this tote for traveling, especially on long flights when I need to pack more things. It easily fits all important travel documents, my laptop, a good book, and a few snacks. Bonus—it’s water proof!

Kate Spade Passport Cover: I know it may seem too ~extravagant~ to get a cover just for your passport, but it’s so important to protect it from any damage. Considering I carried it with me almost everywhere I went I think this was a great investment, especially if you’re leaving the country for an extended period of time.

Calpak Cosmetics Case: I bought this extra luggage piece, specifically for toiletries, to match the three piece set. It was a perfect way to pack all of my makeup, hair, and skincare products without having to worry that they might open mid-flight and spill on my clothes. I would not recommend bringing this on short weekend trips, but it worked well for my initial trip to London and my flight back home to the States.

Bluetooth Headphones: I love bluetooth headphones for flights so that I can have my phone charging while still being able to listen to music or a podcast. I can’t go anywhere without having a pair of headphones in my purse!


  • Chargers for all of your electronic devices

  • A neck pillow (especially on a long journey)

  • Passport (and all other important travel documents)

  • Photocopies of your important documents incase they are stolen or lost

I must admit I am a little jealous of all the people leaving this semester because I’d go back to London in a heartbeat, but I hope this little list can help those who are packing up to leave on their next adventure. Safe travels to wherever you’re headed!

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