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Best of London: Rooftop Drinks

Best of London: Rooftop Drinks

I have had lots of requests for what to do and where to eat while in London so I decided to start a new “Best of London” series to showcase my favorite spots! First up on the list—the best rooftops in London.

The Shard

Although not technically a rooftop, the Shard offers amazing views of the skyline from any of their multiple restaurants. In my opinion, Oblix and the Aquashard are the two best restaurants/bars for grabbing drinks. You get the same view that you would from the viewing deck without having to buy tickets (instead you can buy drinks)!!


Jin Bo Law

The rosé served here is probably one of my favorites—Pierre Brevin Rosé d ’Anjou if you want to check it out! The outside patio has plenty of room, however it closes pretty early (usually about 10 PM) so I would not suggest it for late night drinks.

The Sky Garden


Tickets for the sky garden are released every few weeks. Although tickets are free, they go quickly so if you are planning a trip to London I’d check these out a few months ahead of time. Grab a cocktail or two and relax while taking in the beautiful views of Central London.

Coq d’Argent

This rooftop offers a great view of the city and is perfect for a few photo ops. There is a grassy area open most months of the year where you can snap a perfect skyline picture. The atmosphere is very cozy with heaters and fur blankets to keep you warm during the colder months. There is a restaurant indoors where they serve dinner as well. I definitely recommend checking it out for drinks or dinner!

The Trafalgar St. James

The view of Trafalgar Square from this rooftop is unmatched. This rooftop is located in a very populated area so it is great for people watching. The staff is very attentive and the drink prices are reasonable, considering the view that you get while enjoying them. This rooftop is probably my favorite out of everywhere we have been!

Check back every Friday in March for a new post!

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