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Portugal Trip Recap

Portugal Trip Recap

I just got home the other day from my very last trip of the semester. I traveled to Lisbon, Portugal this past weekend with a few friends. We had a fun weekend exploring the city, despite the rainy weather, but I’m so happy to be staying in London for the next three weeks.



On all of my previous travels we stayed in hostels, however in Portugal we decided to rent an Airbnb. I’ve never stayed in one before so I had no idea what to expect. The room was so cute and cozy—I loved that it was away from the touristy part of the city! I can’t find the exact place we stayed in, but if you’re looking to stay in Lisbon we loved the Alfama area.


Alfama Grill -- This was our first meal in Lisbon and it did not disappoint. We sat on the outside patio because the inside wasn’t open yet (apparently people in Portugal don’t eat dinner until 8 or 9 PM). We heard that Portugal is known for their seafood so we had fried octopus with shrimp and it was delicious. They had great red wine sangria as well!


Pasteiés de Belém -- This place is like the Carlo’s Bakery of Portugal. It has been around since 1837 and people were lined up all the way down the street to buy their famous pastries. Their custard tarts were amazing I could have eaten six of them!!



Feira de Ladra Market -- This is a twice weekly (Tuesday and Saturday) market in the Alfama area of Lisbon. It’s basically just a huge flea market or yard sale. Most of the things are random junk items, but there were many artists that set up booths there as well. You can find some beautiful jewelry, pottery, photographs, and much more for very reasonable prices. It’s a great place to buy souvenirs!


Electric Buggy Tours -- These tours take you around specific parts of the city based on which one you chose. For just 50 euros (split between however many people are on your tour) you can get a private tour guide to drive you around Lisbon showing you the sites and giving you the history behind everything you see. We did three of these tours because we enjoyed them so much and it was a great way to see the city when it was raining. We loved the tours of Old Town and Belém, but we probably could have done without the New Town tour.

Miradouro Sao Pedro de Alcantara -- This lookout point gives a 180 degree view of Lisbon and it’s a great place for photos. I didn’t realize how big the city was until we stopped here on one of our tours.


Overall, we had a great weekend, but I would definitely recommend going in the summer when it’s warm enough to go to the beach. My family is here for Thanksgiving this week and I can’t wait to show them all of my favorite spots in London. I hope everyone has a great week spending time with their friends and family!

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